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Dr. Andrea Natale

On July 5, Dr. Andrea Natale, Executive Medical Director of the Texas Cardiac Arrhythmia Institute at St. David’s Medical Center, visited the International Arrhythmia Center of Fundación Cardioinfantil.


  • Arritmias FCI

    Four Clinical Studies

    The international multi-center studies are designed to analyze the behavior of patients who have been implanted with devices…..


  • Schedule

    Visits by Dr. Fermín García

    The Venezuelan Electrophysiologist will be at Fundación Cardioinfantil to conduct educational sessions with Latin American specialists


  • Joining

    Dr. Arlene Everth

    The International Arrhythmia Center “Andrea Natale” of Fundación Cardioinfantil – Instituto de Cardiología has a new staff member, Dr. Arlene Alicia Everth Torres, who joined the Institute last September for the creation of the Research Unit.


  • Anniversary

    The FCI turns 40

    On Wednesday, April 17 at 12:30 p.m., the first event was held to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Fundación Cardioinfantil – Instituto de Cardiología, which so far has saved the lives of more than 15,000 underprivileged children throughout Colombia.


  • U. Sabana & FCI


    The fundamental objective of the agreement between these institutions is to train professionals who will become leaders in this specialization.


  • Joining

    Dr. Juan David Ramirez

    On August 1, Dr. Juan David Ramirez joined the staff of the ‘Andrea Natale International Arrhythmia Center’, under the teaching assistance agreement between the University of La Sabana and Fundación Cardioinfantil…