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· Interview Dr. Andrea Natale

Dr. Andrea Natale, one of the most important electrophysiologists worldwide and international leader in treatment of cardiac arrhythmias, has visited The International Arrhythmia Center…


· Interview Dr. Fermín García

Dr. Fermin Garcia, who belongs to the Cardiac Electrophysiology Program at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, accompanied electrophysiologists training from different countries in the FCI…


· Patient Testimonials

“I thank GOD for having shown me the way to this GROUP of specialists that performed my Mama’s procedure, they were very professional and compassionate. THANKS to the Doctors – Nurses – Instrument Technicians, and the administrtive and operational staff of Fundación Cardioinfantil.”


· Patient Testimonials

“I will truly never forget you. Thanks to each of you my husband is in good health today. Every little thing that you did was crucial in ensuring that his treatment was a complete success. Again, thank you so much!”


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